Bored by Simple. Infatuated by Complexity

Humanity’s perception: Complexity > Simplicity We are bored with the known; we seek to expand. We think there must be more than what is. We create mountains out of mole hills. Instead of targeting simple, we complicate. We overarchitect. We see a giant “to do” list in order to accomplish even the smallest of tasks.Continue reading “Bored by Simple. Infatuated by Complexity”

Introducing Inefficiencies

Have you ever thought of putting any inefficiencies into your schedule? You know, ways of slowing yourself down or making yourself slightly less productive? Of course you haven’t. That’s ridiculous! Why would we want to be less productive? The funny thing is we do this all the time. If you have an Apple Watch, thatContinue reading “Introducing Inefficiencies”


One of the most important—and overlooked—aspects of onboarding customers is not necessarily the onboarding itself, but it is the sales and marketing teams’ and agenda to set up the implementation for success. If you’re a Customer-facing leader and don’t have a great relationship with sales and marketing or input over this processes, you are doingContinue reading “Continuity”

Should Support/Success Have a Commit?

SaaStr has a good question for when your VP of sales has a sales commit…so, then, shouldn’t your VP of marketing have a lead commit? Let’s think about this from the perspective of Support and Customer Success. Should we, in our respective teams and departments, have a commit? We can argue there’s a commitContinue reading “Should Support/Success Have a Commit?”

Finding what you love can come in many many ways.

For example, you might need to broaden your thinking a bit on what you would actually love to do because your current view of life is too constricting. For example, are you open to new and old hobbies like flying a kite, reading ancient Roman history, picking up the shamisen (three stringed Japanese “guitar”)? WhatContinue reading “Finding what you love can come in many many ways.”