Closing Remarks and Questions: Customer Support

What do I hope to achieve after writing all this? I hope that I’ll have a greater vision of Support. I hope to better understand the intricacies of Support, while still maintaining the overall goal and desire of what Support should and can achieve. Lastly, I hope that we fulfill our goals of truly serving ourContinue reading “Closing Remarks and Questions: Customer Support”

Measuring Success

Why Measure? Any department must demonstrate how they achieve value at the bottom line. Product, Sales, Support, Customer Success, Finance, Legal — it does not matter. There’s a reason most companies do not have a blacksmith to reshod the company horses. Calculating the value of a department simply must be quantified. To do otherwise is irresponsible toContinue reading “Measuring Success”

What does Support look like in FinTech?

Part of me wants to argue it’s different, and another part wants to say it’s exactly the same: you’re helping the customer by getting out of their way to continue their journey to their destination. However, FinTech needs terrifically amazing and GREAT customer service. I’m not pandering: I mean it. Advisors teach their clients. We — peopleContinue reading “What does Support look like in FinTech?”

Networking: create something new?

Adam Grant recently wrote a piece about how we think about networking — and how we’ve got it wrong. The full article is here. If we need a reason to believe this, consider Dale Carnegie’s masterpiece How To Win Friends And Influence People. What’s his main point? Think about it from their perspective. We are human. WeContinue reading “Networking: create something new?”

Inter-team communication? What does that look like?

Inter-team communication (communicating with other teams within the organization) is beyond vital. With Support typically being the main customer-facing team, it’s really draining and difficult to make sure all lines of communication are open at all times in all ways with everyone. Since many teams and companies work remote (this includes those of us withContinue reading “Inter-team communication? What does that look like?”