Should Support/Success Have a Commit?

SaaStr has a good question for when your VP of sales has a sales commit…so, then, shouldn’t your VP of marketing have a lead commit? Let’s think about this from the perspective of Support and Customer Success. Should we, in our respective teams and departments, have a commit? We can argue there’s a commitContinue reading “Should Support/Success Have a Commit?”

Support Tooling:

One thing we know in life: you can’t do it on your own. That’s also true in Support. A fascinating tool we use is called Elevio. It’s self-service, built into our system. One problem we had—which many other companies have—is our knowledge base (training materials) is segregated from our website. So to find the answer,Continue reading “Support Tooling:”

Closing Remarks and Questions: Customer Support

What do I hope to achieve after writing all this? I hope that I’ll have a greater vision of Support. I hope to better understand the intricacies of Support, while still maintaining the overall goal and desire of what Support should and can achieve. Lastly, I hope that we fulfill our goals of truly serving ourContinue reading “Closing Remarks and Questions: Customer Support”

Measuring Success

Why Measure? Any department must demonstrate how they achieve value at the bottom line. Product, Sales, Support, Customer Success, Finance, Legal — it does not matter. There’s a reason most companies do not have a blacksmith to reshod the company horses. Calculating the value of a department simply must be quantified. To do otherwise is irresponsible toContinue reading “Measuring Success”