Where is The Future Going, Anyway?

The Harvard Business Review wrote an article a couple years back titled, The Simple Economics of Machine Intelligence. It’s a fascinating piece. Digest it slowly and over several cups of coffee/beer/wine/La Croix/whatever. Changes afoot caused by machine intelligence: Cost of goods and services that rely on prediction will continue to decline. Cheap is good, right? Well,Continue reading “Where is The Future Going, Anyway?”

Give, Give, Give, Ask!..But Only If They Really Want It

“Our customers aren’t responding to our emails.” “Our churn hasn’t moved, even though we’ve implemented changes A, B, and C.” “Our open rates are good. I don’t know why they aren’t acting on it.” “Our open rates are terrible. I don’t know why they’re not opening it.” “Our webinars/newsletters/QBRs/etc. have poor signup and attendance rates.”Continue reading “Give, Give, Give, Ask!..But Only If They Really Want It”


One of the most important—and overlooked—aspects of onboarding customers is not necessarily the onboarding itself, but it is the sales and marketing teams’ and agenda to set up the implementation for success. If you’re a Customer-facing leader and don’t have a great relationship with sales and marketing or input over this processes, you are doingContinue reading “Continuity”

Should Support/Success Have a Commit?

SaaStr has a good question for when your VP of sales has a sales commit…so, then, shouldn’t your VP of marketing have a lead commit? http://www.saastr.com/your-vp-sales-has-a-sales-quota-your-vp-marketing-needs-a-lead-quota-period Let’s think about this from the perspective of Support and Customer Success. Should we, in our respective teams and departments, have a commit? We can argue there’s a commitContinue reading “Should Support/Success Have a Commit?”


Expectations are great except when they’re not. How do you understand how good you’re doing if you don’t have expectations and goals? On the flip side, what if you consistently miss those expectations? Does that mean you’re a failure? What if it’s because you had too high of expectations? How do you know which isContinue reading “Expectations”