Customer Success: Aligned Goals, Not Altruism

(I’ve written and re-written this one for the past three months. It’s taken me long enough.) I’m attracted to a good story. I’m a sucker for them, really. One oft-repeated story is that Customer Success is altruistic, and has little-to-no self-centeredness. Like anything else in life, there’s a kernel of truth in that which budded […]

Support Tooling:

One thing we know in life: you can’t do it on your own. That’s also true in Support. A fascinating tool we use is called Elevio. It’s self-service, built into our system. One problem we had—which many other companies have—is our knowledge base (training materials) is segregated from our website. So to find the answer, […]

Measuring Success

Why Measure? Any department must demonstrate how they achieve value at the bottom line. Product, Sales, Support, Customer Success, Finance, Legal — it does not matter. There’s a reason most companies do not have a blacksmith to reshod the company horses. Calculating the value of a department simply must be quantified. To do otherwise is irresponsible to […]

What does Support look like in FinTech?

Part of me wants to argue it’s different, and another part wants to say it’s exactly the same: you’re helping the customer by getting out of their way to continue their journey to their destination. However, FinTech needs terrifically amazing and GREAT customer service. I’m not pandering: I mean it. Advisors teach their clients. We — people […]