Inter-team communication? What does that look like?

Inter-team communication (communicating with other teams within the organization) is beyond vital. With Support typically being the main customer-facing team, it’s really draining and difficult to make sure all lines of communication are open at all times in all ways with everyone. Since many teams and companies work remote (this includes those of us withContinue reading “Inter-team communication? What does that look like?”

Intra-team communication? What Does That Look Like?

Intra-team (meaning within your own, specific group) can look a hundred different ways. We use Slack, email, phone, Highfive, and, oh, yes: age-old face to face. There are various mediums and reasons, such as remote teammates, when we’re out of the office, etc. But no matter the medium or how, the why and what areContinue reading “Intra-team communication? What Does That Look Like?”

Framing Metrics in Terms of the Customer’s Success

What analytics and metrics ought we use? There are so many who have written in this area that I wouldn’t add much from a technical aspect. And that’s okay. I can stand on the shoulders of those who’ve come before me. Let’s start with a question: “if I were on stage in front of myContinue reading “Framing Metrics in Terms of the Customer’s Success”

Managing Resources

Who manages the resources? Coaches? Customer Success? Support? Product? Marketing? Combo plate? Endless possibilities! Remember: the person or group responsible for resources must also have their butt on the line regarding churn and feel the pain of customers when they don’t “get” your app, your documentation, and vent to you about their frustrations. If theContinue reading “Managing Resources”

Resource For Your Customers

Where I believe freedom is the best for your teammates, I’m not convinced the same logic can be applied to customers. Many times it is certainly true, but one big difference is that customers want to get in, learn what they need, and get on their way. That’s true of all humans, but we asContinue reading “Resource For Your Customers”