Increasing The Efficiency of Your Not-for-profit

This blog post is a bit different than my typical SaaS, Leadership, and technology topics. I’ll continue writing on those topics but I have a heart for non-profits and the work they do. If you’re working with a non-profit and I’d be honored to hear your story and what they’re all about. Recently I assistedContinue reading “Increasing The Efficiency of Your Not-for-profit”

Learning From Weakness

You don’t learn life lessons from the happiest place on earth, you learn them through the tribulations and pains we all go through. Today, we drove through Sacramento heading to Fresno (yes, it’s hot) and it’s been about a year since we last did traveled to Fresno. Except last time we got rear ended byContinue reading “Learning From Weakness”

Bored by Simple. Infatuated by Complexity

Humanity’s perception: Complexity > Simplicity We are bored with the known; we seek to expand. We think there must be more than what is. We create mountains out of mole hills. Instead of targeting simple, we complicate. We overarchitect. We see a giant “to do” list in order to accomplish even the smallest of tasks.Continue reading “Bored by Simple. Infatuated by Complexity”