Introducing Inefficiencies

Have you ever thought of putting any inefficiencies into your schedule? You know, ways of slowing yourself down or making yourself slightly less productive? Of course you haven’t. That’s ridiculous! Why would we want to be less productive? The funny thing is we do this all the time. If you have an Apple Watch, thatContinue reading “Introducing Inefficiencies”

I Took Off A Month

No, I didn’t not work for a month — that’d be silly. I was off social media for a month. Why? Read on. During this time many sensations and emotions came to: “Oh man, this is hilarious. I want to share this with…oh, never mind” “I want to share this funny experience…oh…” “How is so-and-so doing…?” (IContinue reading “I Took Off A Month”

Intra-team communication? What Does That Look Like?

Intra-team (meaning within your own, specific group) can look a hundred different ways. We use Slack, email, phone, Highfive, and, oh, yes: age-old face to face. There are various mediums and reasons, such as remote teammates, when we’re out of the office, etc. But no matter the medium or how, the why and what areContinue reading “Intra-team communication? What Does That Look Like?”

Managing Resources

Who manages the resources? Coaches? Customer Success? Support? Product? Marketing? Combo plate? Endless possibilities! Remember: the person or group responsible for resources must also have their butt on the line regarding churn and feel the pain of customers when they don’t “get” your app, your documentation, and vent to you about their frustrations. If theContinue reading “Managing Resources”