Goldilocks And The Three HR Adages

what follows is a fictional tale in reflecting upon the Hire Fast, Fire Fast and Hire Slow, Fire Fast debate Once upon a time, Goldilocks found herself managing a SaaS startup creating innovative means to keep thick, well forested areas untouched (if that were not so, then there would be no three bears story laterContinue reading “Goldilocks And The Three HR Adages”

Shelfware and Integrated Supply Chains

Shelfware I was listening to the SaaStr podcast (episode 039 with Cindy Padnos) and they brought up the history of SaaS companies over the past two decades. Cindy references Shelfware as the concept of acquiring software (e.g., on a disc) that simply sits on the shelf and rarely or never used. That’s terrible. The buyerContinue reading “Shelfware and Integrated Supply Chains”

More Art Than Science

Decision making. It’s great when the consequences matter very little. But more art than science is the same thing that keeps us up at night wondering if we made the right decision — especially when it impacts or changes peoples’ lives significantly. Nothing screams that more than looking at your kids’ faces thinking, “I could really screwContinue reading “More Art Than Science”

What Would You Expect?

I had a discussion with a friend (at a different company) who lamented how his boss didn’t do ______ for him. He was, of course, annoyed. Why wouldn’t the boss treat him that way and share that relevant information with him? The question was raised, “well, how are you treating your directs?” The question wasContinue reading “What Would You Expect?”