Resource For Your Customers

Where I believe freedom is the best for your teammates, I’m not convinced the same logic can be applied to customers. Many times it is certainly true, but one big difference is that customers want to get in, learn what they need, and get on their way. That’s true of all humans, but we asContinue reading “Resource For Your Customers”

Storyline Format

I’ve been reading books on winemaking and viticulture and was really struggling through them with all the terms. About 95% of the terms were new to me (background: prior to two months ago, I had brewed several batches of beer with friends and recently three separate apple cider batches by myself, but definitely no winemakingContinue reading “Storyline Format”

Scaling a Support team?

Scaling is difficult. It’s not easy. There are many resources out there to help calculate exactly how many Support staff you’ll need. The misleading part is that every company is different and incremental improvements are constantly changing those dynamics and relationships. For example, expanding, refining, and properly organizing your knowledge base will drive down conversations — especiallyContinue reading “Scaling a Support team?”

Support Leadership: How to Hire?

At my company, we believe smart people thrive on freedom. Many companies have lots of great tangible perks, from snacks, equity for full timers, etc. These are all terrific, though we must also ask how much the culture motivates teammates to excel? Is there a connection between this and the ability to scale the companyContinue reading “Support Leadership: How to Hire?”

New Location. New Perspective.

We simply moved to a different floor. Same building. Same people. Different outlook on the day. That’s all it took. I saw the day, the work, the responsibilities in a new light. But sometimes we’re not always so fortunate to be thrown off by unpacking, arranging your new desk, and spending too much time decidingContinue reading “New Location. New Perspective.”