Opportunities In The Unexpected

Summer 2017 I read this article by Michael Hyatt entitled 7 Things to Ask When Bad Things Happen. It is a terrific article, and at that time I had the thought, “man, glad everything is going well and I don’t have to use it.” The very next day, one of my managers turned in hisContinue reading “Opportunities In The Unexpected”


Event to event. Hectic. Fast-paced. Schedule conflicts. Pack it all in. Tired. Running on empty. Resting. Slowing down. Contemplation. Margin. I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to have margin in my life for the last few months. I’m terrible at having margin in my life — mornings, lunch breaks, late nights, whatever. Margins wereContinue reading “Margin”

Learning From Weakness

You don’t learn life lessons from the happiest place on earth, you learn them through the tribulations and pains we all go through. Today, we drove through Sacramento heading to Fresno (yes, it’s hot) and it’s been about a year since we last did traveled to Fresno. Except last time we got rear ended byContinue reading “Learning From Weakness”

Give, Give, Give, Ask!..But Only If They Really Want It

“Our customers aren’t responding to our emails.” “Our churn hasn’t moved, even though we’ve implemented changes A, B, and C.” “Our open rates are good. I don’t know why they aren’t acting on it.” “Our open rates are terrible. I don’t know why they’re not opening it.” “Our webinars/newsletters/QBRs/etc. have poor signup and attendance rates.”Continue reading “Give, Give, Give, Ask!..But Only If They Really Want It”