Expectations are great except when they’re not. How do you understand how good you’re doing if you don’t have expectations and goals? On the flip side, what if you consistently miss those expectations? Does that mean you’re a failure? What if it’s because you had too high of expectations? How do you know which isContinue reading “Expectations”

Customer Success: Aligned Goals, Not Altruism

(I’ve written and re-written this one for the past three months. It’s taken me long enough.) I’m attracted to a good story. I’m a sucker for them, really. One oft-repeated story is that Customer Success is altruistic, and has little-to-no self-centeredness. Like anything else in life, there’s a kernel of truth in that which buddedContinue reading “Customer Success: Aligned Goals, Not Altruism”

I Took Off A Month

No, I didn’t not work for a month — that’d be silly. I was off social media for a month. Why? Read on. During this time many sensations and emotions came to: “Oh man, this is hilarious. I want to share this with…oh, never mind” “I want to share this funny experience…oh…” “How is so-and-so doing…?” (IContinue reading “I Took Off A Month”

Reflection: After a Long Weekend

Ever go on an evening hike with no stars in sight? You have have every reason to believe you’re walking north-west, but forgot your compass at home and the clouds above enveloped any guiding light. Metaphorically, that’s how the last two months have been. In fact, that’s how much of our lives live out. PausesContinue reading “Reflection: After a Long Weekend”