Themes of Life

Do you listen to the themes playing around you?

I didn’t.

I’ve had an eventful few months in my personal and professional life recently. A repeating theme has been having the right priorities in place. It’s easy to have the right priorities written down, it’s another to live them out. My wife kept telling me I’d love The Greatest Showman for months. I finally saw it a few weeks ago. Yes. Absolutely.

Without spoiling anything, it was a terrific story of rags to riches. We get so caught up in hype, fame, and fortune that we forget what we used to care about. It was a reminder that I can get so caught up in exterior identities that I neglect those who I love, my family and friends. I can say, “but I’m doing it all for you!” But is that really true?

How often have we said “this gift is for you” when it’s really for me?

Do we say, “let’s do this for the family” when you’re only thinking of yourself?

Another theme was reflection, breathing, and slowing down. It was winter and early spring when Mother Nature is at rest. It’s in a state of waiting for the earth to warm up before sprouting; there will be plenty of activity come spring and summer. But, for now, it’s time to wait and slow your breathing. There are seasons in our life just like seasons in Mother Nature. It’s important to know the season (or theme) you’re in.

It’s really hard to grow tomatoes outside in the dead of winter and it’s really hard to push yourself when you’re already overclocking yourself. Listen to your signals.

What are the themes playing out in your life? Are you listening to the music, or you dancing to the rhythm of the beat?

Published by Jeff Beaumont

I love helping companies scale and grow their organizations to delight customers and employees, enabling healthy teams, fast growth, and fewer headaches. Scaling quickly is wrought with potholes and plot twists. When you’re running a company, losing customers, and employees are on their way out, and don’t have your systems running smoothly, then you’ll be at your wits' end. I've been there and hate it.

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