Fill in the blank:

“My Customer Success strategy is               .”

Is it to retain and grow your customers? Scale your operations, team, and yourself? Yes to all?

Exceptional customer experiences are challenging to execute. Time is limited. Your workload is likely overwhelming. It’s not about a lack of desire or capability, but cobbling together minutes here and there to reflect and execute what is most important, prioritize, and achieve those goals. 

You’re a high achiever. What if you could leverage your time for greater activities with some help?

Knowledge and tenacity were required, though my most significant accomplishments were the outcomes from others investing  in me. I’ve likely been in your shoes with scaling teams, building out operations, and coaching your next generation of leaders.

You’ve got a lot on your plate. I’ve coached others through evaluating their overwhelming priorities, building scalable processes, and helping them achieve more of their potential. 

Schedule a call. We often hit dead ends and create inefficient processes. I can help you avoid many of those to help you succeed faster.

Improve Your Bottom Line

Identify and Attack Churn

Churn destroys companies. Saying “our churn is in the single digits; it’s only 8%” can lull someone into complacency — it’s not that bad, right? That 8% translates to losing 63% of your customers in only 12 months. That’s almost two-thirds of your customers — gone. What if after a few months you knew what your goal should be, began lowering churn, and had a roadmap to improve retention? Create retention processes.

Think Proactively 

“Putting out fires” is an oft-used phrase to mean “I started my day planning to make progress on my goals. At 5 o’clock, I realized I spent 90% of my time reacting to problems instead.” Let’s get ahead of the future rather than stumble through it. What would it look like to regain even half of that time for proactive work? Let’s snowball what time you have into the very next problem, and then the next one…over time, you’ll have several hours for proactive work.

Your Customer’s Journey

A terrific onboarding experience is only part of the solution. A proper customer journey will help you improve retention by identifying when to discuss upsells and prepare for renewals. Outlining your customer’s journey exposes misalignments between Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success — what if you could uncover issues before your customers do? Imagine what you could do!

A Customer’s Onboarding 

The customer onboarding of today is inadequate for tomorrow’s demands. Users are giving up on apps and tools quicker than it took to sign up. More importantly, the seeds of churn are most often sown in the first 60 days. Excellent onboarding drives predictable renewals. If a few small changes can 2x usage in a couple of months, what would a well-developed customer onboarding do?

Streamline Operations

Inefficiencies are the number one blocker for scaling. Fixing inefficient systems and processes are required not only for sanity but for accelerating your business. A well-oiled machine is needed to get the results you want. That looks different for each company, though the common ingredient is an iterative approach. Start creating a few small efficiencies that gradually build to a critical mass.

Coach and Mentor

Cultivating the leaders of tomorrow is frequently an afterthought. The irony is since compensation is almost always the biggest item on a profit and loss financial statement! Imagine your leaders received even just a few hours of coaching each month. That small investment is a catalyst for employee retention, creative problem-solving, and a sense of belonging. Your leaders can then coach the next generation of leaders.

What’s Next?

Before we start any engagement, we’ll discuss the scope of work and expected value. We won’t proceed unless your value is crystal clear. Your customers need a clear path to success, and so do you.

One way of measuring it is achieving  your objectives several quarters early. If an opportunity is clearly identified but can’t be started for months, what if you could start it today?

What if a small project saved (or expanded!) a few clients, would that be worth it?

Start Scaling

Let’s talk. Contact me on social media or drop me a note below. I love chatting, hearing challenges, and brainstorming solutions.