Introducing Inefficiencies

Have you ever thought of putting any inefficiencies into your schedule? You know, ways of slowing yourself down or making yourself slightly less productive?

Of course you haven’t. That’s ridiculous! Why would we want to be less productive?

The funny thing is we do this all the time. If you have an Apple Watch, that reminds you to stand up and/or breathe once in a while, that’s purposely introducing inefficiencies into your day. Or if you take a break every couple hours. The point is that, yes, we need to be productive, but it cannot be “productive at all costs.” If life is a marathon and not a sprint, how do we think about engaging our bodies to be fit for that? Why shouldn’t we make ourselves a little bit slower so that we don’t burn ourselves out quicker? If I rev my engine really high, gas it whenever possible, and constantly drive in an erratic manner, won’t I burn through a tank of gas real quick? In the same way we can burn through our live super quick, too.

So, back to the original question: have you thought of introducing inefficiencies into your life?

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