Event to event. Hectic. Fast-paced. Schedule conflicts. Pack it all in. Tired. Running on empty. Resting. Slowing down. Contemplation. Margin. I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to have margin in my life for the last few months. I’m terrible at having margin in my life — mornings, lunch breaks, late nights, whatever. Margins were […]

Why Am I Invested in Support? Why Am I in Support for the Long Haul?

I believe in a better world. I believe in helping people, whether that’s to maximize their potential (e.g., personal trainer) or as a healing process (e.g., therapy). We live in community and need each other. I need help and you need help. That’s why I love being in Support: to help and be helped by […]

New Location. New Perspective.

We simply moved to a different floor. Same building. Same people. Different outlook on the day. That’s all it took. I saw the day, the work, the responsibilities in a new light. But sometimes we’re not always so fortunate to be thrown off by unpacking, arranging your new desk, and spending too much time deciding […]