Event to event. Hectic. Fast-paced. Schedule conflicts. Pack it all in. Tired. Running on empty. Resting. Slowing down. Contemplation. Margin. I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to have margin in my life for the last few months. I’m terrible at having margin in my life — mornings, lunch breaks, late nights, whatever. Margins wereContinue reading “Margin”

Learning From Weakness

You don’t learn life lessons from the happiest place on earth, you learn them through the tribulations and pains we all go through. Today, we drove through Sacramento heading to Fresno (yes, it’s hot) and it’s been about a year since we last did traveled to Fresno. Except last time we got rear ended byContinue reading “Learning From Weakness”

What is Support Not?

Odd way of phrasing it, I know. While it’s helpful to know what Support is, it’s also helpful to know what it is not. This may feel a little dark — but stay with me because I believe it’s worth it. Whatever you do in life, remember that we follow, obey, seek after, or idolize something orContinue reading “What is Support Not?”

Why Am I Invested in Support? Why Am I in Support for the Long Haul?

I believe in a better world. I believe in helping people, whether that’s to maximize their potential (e.g., personal trainer) or as a healing process (e.g., therapy). We live in community and need each other. I need help and you need help. That’s why I love being in Support: to help and be helped byContinue reading “Why Am I Invested in Support? Why Am I in Support for the Long Haul?”

New Location. New Perspective.

We simply moved to a different floor. Same building. Same people. Different outlook on the day. That’s all it took. I saw the day, the work, the responsibilities in a new light. But sometimes we’re not always so fortunate to be thrown off by unpacking, arranging your new desk, and spending too much time decidingContinue reading “New Location. New Perspective.”