Connectedness of Life

A friend of mine was chatting with me about fears and struggles in life — how these are a part of us, each and every day. Fear of loss of friendship, family, money, possessions, confidence —we have many fears. Struggles: we don’t see the way through, we don’t have enough, we can’t complete what we’d hoped weContinue reading “Connectedness of Life”

The god of Efficiency

The god of efficiency. I’ve worshiped at this altar for years. You, likely, have also. Efficiency is good. It is valid and important, but it’s not the end. We can breed horses to be faster, but why not build a car instead? Strive after effectiveness. Be proactive and think about the long game. We canContinue reading “The god of Efficiency”

What Satisfies You?

Another way of asking that question is, “What drives you?” and “What motivates you?” I’ve witnessed in my own life — and the lives of many, many others — that when we find what brings us true joy and fulfillment…it’s a splendid union of happiness and purpose. Over time, however, we lose sight of that big picture, of theContinue reading “What Satisfies You?”

Don’t Let Your Mind Go…Or It Will

You can see those people that want to keep their mind sharp, and others that just slowly fade away…On the flip side, sometimes people try to keep their mind sharp and it just doesn’t, and sometimes people don’t care but it stays sharp. But rolling the dice of chance throwing intentionality to the wind. ButContinue reading “Don’t Let Your Mind Go…Or It Will”