Copy + Paste Proliferation

Early on, I learned this magical set of features where I could take existing material, copy it, and then paste it to whatever degree required.  That doesn’t sound that magical today, especially compared to augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), or self driving cars! However, it’s foundational. Without that simple set of tools (cut, copy,Continue reading “Copy + Paste Proliferation”

Builder and Maintainer: Pitfalls of Handing Off The Baton

If you make statements like: “I’d lose interest in simply keeping things moving. I’d get bored.” You’re a builder. Alternatively, perhaps you don’t enjoy “that level of risk.” You desire to work in an established company or team with plenty of structure, doing something a tad safer — there’s nothing wrong with this — you’reContinue reading “Builder and Maintainer: Pitfalls of Handing Off The Baton”

High Functioning Teams: Bland and Boring Management

From reading articles celebrating company cultures, reading various “perks” in job descriptions, and seeing how companies cite foosball tables less and less, it seems like we’re making progress on creating genuinely effective teams. Harvard Business Review came out with an article in 2016 called The Neuroscience of Trust. In it, the author states perks areContinue reading “High Functioning Teams: Bland and Boring Management”

Grace For First Impressions

“Nope, that one has a spelling error.” “That one just doesn’t look great.” “Really? Two spelling/grammar errors?” Scanning resumes is difficult.  Scanning through several hundred in an afternoon can be a headache, especially when you’re already behind on other projects. Our brains seek shortcuts. How can I quickly cut out 90% of these resumes andContinue reading “Grace For First Impressions”