Focus and Meeting Time

I don’t recall being a person who “hates meetings”. In fact, early on in my career I sometimes leaned toward joining meetings because I was in the camp who believed that’s where the “important stuff happened.” Now that my calendar is full of meetings and, within the Covid-era, we have even more meetings, I’m actively focused on eliminating, shortening,Continue reading “Focus and Meeting Time”

PROVE Value to Your Customers

Visibility into customer accounts always seemed to the “holy grail” of Customer Success. While a fully-fledged Customer Health Score can require years of work and refinement, here are some ways to get started and finding value in 1-2 months (or less!). My company recently completed the first version of our Account Health Scoring methodology (moreContinue reading “PROVE Value to Your Customers”

You Are Building a Case Study

“You are building a case study here.” My boss told me this. It has stuck with me. It is an explicit reminder that we do not hire people to accomplish the same initiatives as their previous employers to replicate here — copy and paste does not apply. Our growth is a different target market. The teamContinue reading “You Are Building a Case Study”

Copy + Paste Proliferation

Early on, I learned this magical set of features where I could take existing material, copy it, and then paste it to whatever degree required.  That doesn’t sound that magical today, especially compared to augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), or self driving cars! However, it’s foundational. Without that simple set of tools (cut, copy,Continue reading “Copy + Paste Proliferation”