High Functioning Teams: Bland and Boring Management

From reading articles celebrating company cultures, reading various “perks” in job descriptions, and seeing how companies cite foosball tables less and less, it seems like we’re making progress on creating genuinely effective teams. Harvard Business Review came out with an article in 2016 called The Neuroscience of Trust. In it, the author states perks areContinue reading “High Functioning Teams: Bland and Boring Management”

Grace For First Impressions

“Nope, that one has a spelling error.” “That one just doesn’t look great.” “Really? Two spelling/grammar errors?” Scanning resumes is difficult.  Scanning through several hundred in an afternoon can be a headache, especially when you’re already behind on other projects. Our brains seek shortcuts. How can I quickly cut out 90% of these resumes andContinue reading “Grace For First Impressions”

Active vs. Passive: Wording Matters

For many, passive attitudes are a heck of a lot easier. Avoid stirring the pot. Refrain from creating conflict. Allow the other person to make up their own mind on their own time.  Confusion is created. Goals become unclear. In fact, these sentences are written in the passive voice! We sometimes don’t even realize whenContinue reading “Active vs. Passive: Wording Matters”

Distinguishing Support, Customer Success, and Customer Onboarding

This article is a work in progress. I was sharing this with several people so I figured I might as well make it public. Customer Support, Customer Success, Customer Onboarding, and Customer Experience are often conflated terms. For one company, it’s the same thing. In another company, it’s different. I may use “Customer Success,” andContinue reading “Distinguishing Support, Customer Success, and Customer Onboarding”

Straightforwardness Delivers Results

Simple, straightforward language.  That’s the most powerful, effective way to communicate value propositions to prospects. Anything more can get confused or lost in translation. Taking a cue from the FinTech industry, let’s examine the life of a financial advisor for a moment. Clarity helps thousands of advisors communicate their proposal. Two essential means to differentiate your firmContinue reading “Straightforwardness Delivers Results”