Reflection: After a Long Weekend

Ever go on an evening hike with no stars in sight? You have have every reason to believe you’re walking north-west, but forgot your compass at home and the clouds above enveloped any guiding light. Metaphorically, that’s how the last two months have been. In fact, that’s how much of our lives live out. PausesContinue reading “Reflection: After a Long Weekend”


Meetings never look good in the stock photos, do they? How many times have we read an article that said “meetings suck”? Or “screw meetings”? Sure, there’s plenty of reason to have hatred of certain meetings — that is, bad meetings. But meetings, used and designed well, can be an amazing facet to organizational theory and life. DoContinue reading “Meetings”

New Years Resolutions

Resolutions are great — they bring fulfillment and completion. To resolve something means I just read the very last page of the book — and feel satisfied. But I’ve never been a big New Years Resolution fan. I’ve likely set 2–3 goals in the last 5–10 years. I agree: pretty pathetic. Though since I enter this annual reflection onContinue reading “New Years Resolutions”