Delegating What You Love

Do the work you don’t love and delegate what you enjoy.* It can seem boring, but if you give away what you don’t love people will recognize you don’t care. If you don’t care about it, you won’t check on it and people will pick that up. Lead by example. Model what you want. DelegateContinue reading “Delegating What You Love”

What Would You Expect?

I had a discussion with a friend (at a different company) who lamented how his boss didn’t do ______ for him. He was, of course, annoyed. Why wouldn’t the boss treat him that way and share that relevant information with him? The question was raised, “well, how are you treating your directs?” The question wasContinue reading “What Would You Expect?”

Sometimes it’s Good to Restrict Yourself to a Hotdog on Stick

When others are “upping their game” by taking wine or crabcakes to a ballgame, perhaps it’s time to stick to a hotdog. When others go camping and bring their stereo, full kitchen, video games, watch the game on their iPhone (and obnoxiously bother you as you try to disconnect), perhaps roasting dinner over the fireContinue reading “Sometimes it’s Good to Restrict Yourself to a Hotdog on Stick”

Reflections from High Output Management (book)

“You can’t be optimistic about the future until you have survived the crucible of change. The key to survival is to learn to add more value — and that ultimately is what this book is about.” — Andy Grove A friend recommended to me a book by the former CEO of Intel called High Output Management. It’s a bitContinue reading “Reflections from High Output Management (book)”