Delegating What You Love

Do the work you don’t love and delegate what you enjoy.*

It can seem boring, but if you give away what you don’t love people will recognize you don’t care. If you don’t care about it, you won’t check on it and people will pick that up. Lead by example. Model what you want.

Delegate the things you love —what you want to do instead of passing them off.

Because if it’s something I prize, then I will inquire. Then your team — your directs — will know that it is important to you and that it’s important to them. They, over time and through a process, choose that to be important to them. This teaches how we are to lead by example and be great managers.

If you want change in your organization then you have to lead by example. Be the agent of change. And if you want others to learn how to lead by example, then you must…

Lead change by modeling the change you want, and ensure that change by measuring what you want.

*Reminder: this is assuming you’re only working on what is truly important and essential. Nonessentials should, by definition, be discarded.

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