Who Is Your Competition?

I remember playing basketball in different leagues throughout high school and college (when I didn’t have broken bones). There were good game and then there were games that we got absolutely crushed, like the time we went out of town for a game. It felt like the 1990s Bulls playing a junior high team. ButContinue reading “Who Is Your Competition?”

Support as a Product and Me as a Product Manager

What is a project? Can a project have an infinite life — does it necessarily have to have an end date? I’d argue there are a lot more similarities between Product and Support than differences. Many differences are tangible (one person writes more codes, another writes more customer emails) whereas the similarities tend to be undergirding andContinue reading “Support as a Product and Me as a Product Manager”

Reflections from High Output Management (book)

“You can’t be optimistic about the future until you have survived the crucible of change. The key to survival is to learn to add more value — and that ultimately is what this book is about.” — Andy Grove A friend recommended to me a book by the former CEO of Intel called High Output Management. It’s a bitContinue reading “Reflections from High Output Management (book)”