Opportunities In The Unexpected

Summer 2017 I read this article by Michael Hyatt entitled 7 Things to Ask When Bad Things Happen. It is a terrific article, and at that time I had the thought, “man, glad everything is going well and I don’t have to use it.” The very next day, one of my managers turned in hisContinue reading “Opportunities In The Unexpected”

Brand New. The Same Old Concept

AirPods. They look great. It’s a fascinating sociological study that something that just began existing can exhibit what has always existed: “I want.” Apple is not alone; this is true of technologies, foods, places, events, and performances. Human behavior fascinates me. New technologies every day, but it’s the same behavioral response. The way we viewContinue reading “Brand New. The Same Old Concept”

It’s Never Enough

It not only keeps us going, but the underlying urges, desires, and emotions push us on to advance beyond everything we’ve ever done. We accomplish something and we’re not satisfied. We achieve more than ever before, and our expectations still are not quenched. We are young. We have never done it before. Why do weContinue reading “It’s Never Enough”

Waste — What a Precious Gift

We’ve advanced so far as a society in world that we can afford to waste. Whether it’s wasting Google searches because now they come so cheaply, waste food because it comes so easily and affordable, waste gasoline, waste robots on performing silly tasks — or even waste time exploring cat gifs on YouTube! And that’s such aContinue reading “Waste — What a Precious Gift”