Opportunities In The Unexpected

Summer 2017 I read this article by Michael Hyatt entitled 7 Things to Ask When Bad Things Happen. It is a terrific article, and at that time I had the thought, “man, glad everything is going well and I don’t have to use it.” The very next day, one of my managers turned in hisContinue reading “Opportunities In The Unexpected”

Being Distracted

It doesn’t just affect you. It’s effect protrudes to everyone around you. It changes and morphs your relationships. It being after Christmas, it’s that time we all reflect on life, who we are, and what we mean to the world and those around us. Like my daughter who is growing up and needs to hearContinue reading “Being Distracted”

Abdicating Rank

Jim Collins, the author of Good to Great, said something that’s still spinning my head. Ambition, not for ourselves, but something bigger. Something greater. Something meaningful. The disease of mediocrity and stagnant companies is ripe with self-ambition and the individual’s desire to grow their own career, rather than see the product/project/company mission to the end.Continue reading “Abdicating Rank”