Finding what you love can come in many many ways.

For example, you might need to broaden your thinking a bit on what you would actually love to do because your current view of life is too constricting. For example, are you open to new and old hobbies like flying a kite, reading ancient Roman history, picking up the shamisen (three stringed Japanese “guitar”)? What … Continue reading Finding what you love can come in many many ways.

Waste — What a Precious Gift

We’ve advanced so far as a society in world that we can afford to waste. Whether it’s wasting Google searches because now they come so cheaply, waste food because it comes so easily and affordable, waste gasoline, waste robots on performing silly tasks — or even waste time exploring cat gifs on YouTube! And that’s such a … Continue reading Waste — What a Precious Gift

Disappointments Lead Us Into Deeper Depths

When disappointments strike, it’s often true what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. However, it’s also true that apathy and depression are terribly frequent results. We also grow a lot — and tend to diversify our dreams — because we realized what we initially wanted is either not achievable, not achievable that way, or that we probably didn’t … Continue reading Disappointments Lead Us Into Deeper Depths