Who Am I Doing This For?

I was talking with a friend and there are many, many things we do for others. Yet it leads to so much frustration with late nights figuring things out, solving problems, working through issues, and being there for others. As leaders we think we need to do all this for others. If we don’t, thenContinue reading “Who Am I Doing This For?”

The Horse and His Boy

Getting what we want. It’s not always what we want. In the series The Chronicles of Narnia is the book entitled The Horse and His Boy following the adventures of Bree and Cor. Cor had always wanted more attention — until he didn’t. “Then Aravis told it. And Cor, who had very much wanted the story toContinue reading “The Horse and His Boy”

Shame. Vulnerability. Openness.

I had the awesome pleasure of attending a conference where Brené Brown spoke (she’s a wonderful speaker, I first watched her on a TED talk). Speaking of shame, there’s almost a shame about talking about shame — as if anyone who acknowledges it will then be shamed as weak. Ironic? She is open and honest about shame,Continue reading “Shame. Vulnerability. Openness.”