I Took Off A Month

No, I didn’t not work for a month — that’d be silly. I was off social media for a month. Why? Read on. During this time many sensations and emotions came to: “Oh man, this is hilarious. I want to share this with…oh, never mind” “I want to share this funny experience…oh…” “How is so-and-so doing…?” (IContinue reading “I Took Off A Month”


Perspective. Sometimes it changes everything. Overlooking Lake Tahoe from Castle Peak I had the perspective that things weren’t going well in a certain area of life. Then I found people that had a completely contrary perspective. They saw only goodness and hope. They saw something that had become “normal” and no longer special to me. IContinue reading “Perspective”


I was recently at a conference where the speaker opened with talking about the next generation leaders. But that’s not breaking news. Nor was it his big point. It was humility. His belief: “armed with enough humility, we can learn from anybody.” Businessmen can learn from non-profit CEOs; pastors can learn from government leaders…etc. (AContinue reading “Humility”