I was recently at a conference where the speaker opened with talking about the next generation leaders. But that’s not breaking news. Nor was it his big point.

It was humility.

His belief: “armed with enough humility, we can learn from anybody.” Businessmen can learn from non-profit CEOs; pastors can learn from government leaders…etc. (A beautiful sub-goal of this conference is to draw together people from different walks of life — whether those in business, government, religions, Americans, Brazilians — you get the point.)

At first, I thought it was a lofty goal, though as I reflect on it I can’t help but wonder: what’s stopping me from learning from anyone else, no matter how much our core values, backgrounds, or beliefs differ or are in opposition?

Imagine: leaders of all walks living that out. For the sake of leadership, bettering each other, strengthening countries, and healing humanity.

Imagine: being a leader means listening to others, rather than turning it into a political charade.

Imagine: being a leader means you let the other person talk first, rather than attempting to suck up all the time on the 2 minute tv debate. If we, as leaders, heard others and took into account their thoughts and feelings…instead of demonizing or belittling “them”.

That is humility.

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