Perspective. Sometimes it changes everything.

Overlooking Lake Tahoe from Castle Peak

I had the perspective that things weren’t going well in a certain area of life. Then I found people that had a completely contrary perspective. They saw only goodness and hope. They saw something that had become “normal” and no longer special to me. I realized that I had a position of envy (not that we should seek after things to cause envy in others).

I realized how so many people wanted to be in my shoes. And it gave me a renewed perspective. Not only did it show my spoiled-ness, but it brought me back to reality (in a good way).

I was seeing the small issues and throwing them in the mental Xerox machine to 1,000%. Being detail-oriented at times, I was lost in the forest among the trees.

It helped me see the bigger picture: that I’ve got a lot of great things going for me and that my troubles really are not that big. So if this could be any encouragement to you, take a step back and think about the big picture: are things really that bad, or are things going incredibly well but you’re only focusing on the few, small trouble spots?

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