Managing Resources

Who manages the resources?

Coaches? Customer Success? Support? Product? Marketing? Combo plate? Endless possibilities! Remember: the person or group responsible for resources must also have their butt on the line regarding churn and feel the pain of customers when they don’t “get” your app, your documentation, and vent to you about their frustrations. If the person creating the documentation is behind closed doors or in some way separated from customers, then this is a failure. For you, your company, and your customers.

That said, I have seen where the coordinator is heavily influenced and works directly with Support, but acts more as a curator than creator. Say the Product Manager leads the team to create the new feature, marketing devises the language for it, then the curator can collaborate, combine efforts, and prepare the necessary video and/or documentation ready for launch day and as an anchor for the Support team. Not to mention keep it all neat and tidy when new pieces get launched or aspects are changed.

This is not an easy question. Find what makes sense for you and be willing to iterate on it.

Published by Jeff Beaumont

I love helping companies scale and grow their organizations to delight customers and employees, enabling healthy teams, fast growth, and fewer headaches. Scaling quickly is wrought with potholes and plot twists. When you’re running a company, losing customers, and employees are on their way out, and don’t have your systems running smoothly, then you’ll be at your wits' end. I've been there and hate it.

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