Resources For Your Team

What do resources for your team look like? Many factors exist: perks and benefits of the startup; perks and benefits of the Support team; and resources you and management provide. The biggest resource, I believe, you can provide your team is the freedom to grow and solve problems on their own. With providing everything it’sContinue reading “Resources For Your Team”

Storyline Format

I’ve been reading books on winemaking and viticulture and was really struggling through them with all the terms. About 95% of the terms were new to me (background: prior to two months ago, I had brewed several batches of beer with friends and recently three separate apple cider batches by myself, but definitely no winemakingContinue reading “Storyline Format”

Scaling a Support team?

Scaling is difficult. It’s not easy. There are many resources out there to help calculate exactly how many Support staff you’ll need. The misleading part is that every company is different and incremental improvements are constantly changing those dynamics and relationships. For example, expanding, refining, and properly organizing your knowledge base will drive down conversations — especiallyContinue reading “Scaling a Support team?”

What’s the Role of a Coach in Support? Aren’t We All the Same?

This is one piece I’ve wrestled with. A lot. Initially, I was against the idea of creating two distinct teams — part of me still is — but I’ve come to see a different perspective. Think about life this way: we’re really only amazing and successful at our top one or maybe two priorities. For example, if you gaveContinue reading “What’s the Role of a Coach in Support? Aren’t We All the Same?”

Support Leadership: Structure of Support?

Everyone is different. Though I’ve found a terrific balance by having the overall Support team split into two crews: Support and Coaches (think storytelling through solving business use cases and retention). Where Support’s focus is responsively to engage customers, Coaches focuses proactively to engage those users less prone to seek out help. Both have theirContinue reading “Support Leadership: Structure of Support?”