What does Support look like in FinTech?

Part of me wants to argue it’s different, and another part wants to say it’s exactly the same: you’re helping the customer by getting out of their way to continue their journey to their destination. However, FinTech needs terrifically amazing and GREAT customer service. I’m not pandering: I mean it. Advisors teach their clients. We — peopleContinue reading “What does Support look like in FinTech?”

Why Do We Think We Can Teach About Support?

We are revolutionizing Support within FinTech. Our goal is not merely to build an outstanding product that truly serves advisors and their clients, but to serve by identifying and demonstrating true excellence in an area historically overwhelmed and under-resourced. I get joy of reading many messages of raving fans of ours. I don’t say thatContinue reading “Why Do We Think We Can Teach About Support?”

Questions to Wrestle With: Why This?

I am writing honestly and candidly about serving the FinTech (Financial Technology) community so they can be better at serving their clients — be the hero to their client. I want to educate advisors on educating their clients. While that sentence is ripe for being interpreted as arrogant, I look at this topic with sincere humility knowingContinue reading “Questions to Wrestle With: Why This?”