Support Tooling:

One thing we know in life: you can’t do it on your own. That’s also true in Support. A fascinating tool we use is called Elevio. It’s self-service, built into our system. One problem we had—which many other companies have—is our knowledge base (training materials) is segregated from our website. So to find the answer,Continue reading “Support Tooling:”

What is the Long term Impact of Great vs. Good Support?

While we linguistically know “Great” is better than “Good and we believe we ought to pursue it, is that really the best course? What if there were cases where seeking “Good support” is the way the business needs to go? For example, what if the business is designed with a very slim Support budget? YouContinue reading “What is the Long term Impact of Great vs. Good Support?”

Establishing Clarity of Support

In order to lay any foundation, clarity must be deeply rooted. In the case of Support, these attributes must all be clearly outlined. This will impact—improve or stunt—communication, growth, and cohesion of the team. These are questions we all must wrestle with. Below are just a smattering of questions and thoughts all great teams workContinue reading “Establishing Clarity of Support”

Shelfware and Integrated Supply Chains

Shelfware I was listening to the SaaStr podcast (episode 039 with Cindy Padnos) and they brought up the history of SaaS companies over the past two decades. Cindy references Shelfware as the concept of acquiring software (e.g., on a disc) that simply sits on the shelf and rarely or never used. That’s terrible. The buyerContinue reading “Shelfware and Integrated Supply Chains”