Support Leadership: How to Hire?

At my company, we believe smart people thrive on freedom. Many companies have lots of great tangible perks, from snacks, equity for full timers, etc. These are all terrific, though we must also ask how much the culture motivates teammates to excel? Is there a connection between this and the ability to scale the companyContinue reading “Support Leadership: How to Hire?”

Support Leadership: How to Lead?

We just wrapped up the series of posts with the philosophical underpinnings of Support. This next set of posts focus on leadership aspects of Support. This is a deeper question than can be addressed in simply a few paragraphs…but to start, here are several characteristics I believe are vital. For a greater view, I recommendContinue reading “Support Leadership: How to Lead?”

What is the Long term Impact of Great vs. Good Support?

While we linguistically know “Great” is better than “Good and we believe we ought to pursue it, is that really the best course? What if there were cases where seeking “Good support” is the way the business needs to go? For example, what if the business is designed with a very slim Support budget? YouContinue reading “What is the Long term Impact of Great vs. Good Support?”

Establishing Clarity of Support

In order to lay any foundation, clarity must be deeply rooted. In the case of Support, these attributes must all be clearly outlined. This will impact—improve or stunt—communication, growth, and cohesion of the team. These are questions we all must wrestle with. Below are just a smattering of questions and thoughts all great teams workContinue reading “Establishing Clarity of Support”

What is Support Not?

Odd way of phrasing it, I know. While it’s helpful to know what Support is, it’s also helpful to know what it is not. This may feel a little dark — but stay with me because I believe it’s worth it. Whatever you do in life, remember that we follow, obey, seek after, or idolize something orContinue reading “What is Support Not?”