The Producers

Like the Producers (the 1968 Mel Brooks movie) with selling more than 100% of the profits, don’t be a startup founder and make promises you can’t keep or aren’t viable. Even if you’re not a startup, you should still think about the promises and “yes”s that you give, those mean something — or else they don’t andContinue reading “The Producers”

Leadership, part 5

Self-sacrificing love. This is one of my favorites. It’s the creed that lends us such a comforting understanding that we are cared for. It’s the willingness to work for someone knowing that they have your best interest in mind. Will I really follow them anywhere? You bet. Think of those stories and examples where someoneContinue reading “Leadership, part 5”

Leadership, part 4

Last time we explored self-awareness. This time I’m turning to the next one. Resourcefulness. We all face constraints. They can be hiring constraints, time constraints, travel constraints — and so many more. I’ve complained and whined so many times because I didn’t have “X” or couldn’t use “Y”. Yet my failures are rarely due to not havingContinue reading “Leadership, part 4”