Your Team’s Shields Are Down

A couple years ago I read an article called Shields Down describing how people don't quit the day they resign, they resigned their post a long time ago. It’s when they became vulnerable, when their shields went down that they were open to something new, something different—perhaps where the grass appeared greener. I was caught juxtaposing that … Continue reading Your Team’s Shields Are Down

Keeping Customers at All Costs

Anti-discounts, Bad Fit Customers, and Not Doing Whatever It Takes to Retain Them   Awhile ago a few of us Customer Success professionals gathered and discussed the benefits and problems what to do under the following scenarios: Something in the product goes haywire for the customer They're "going to cancel" because we don't have such … Continue reading Keeping Customers at All Costs

What is Customer Success Responsible For, Anyway?

I often forget this is a legitimate question, but all I need to do is talk to people entering SaaS and this is completely revolutionary. This approach does not always work in a non-subscription economy. However, in a subscription economy it’s vital. So here goes. Most everyone understands Customer Success owns Gross Retention. But beyond … Continue reading What is Customer Success Responsible For, Anyway?

Increasing The Efficiency of Your Not-for-profit

This blog post is a bit different than my typical SaaS, Leadership, and technology topics. I’ll continue writing on those topics but I have a heart for non-profits and the work they do. If you’re working with a non-profit and I’d be honored to hear your story and what they’re all about. Recently I assisted … Continue reading Increasing The Efficiency of Your Not-for-profit

Disappearing Jobs

I was at a kid’s birthday party a few months ago and was reading this Tweet (note: it’s a better idea to spend time with other adults at the party instead of on your phone): “We’ve looked at around 300 construction-related companies this year and every one of them says the biggest challenge, by … Continue reading Disappearing Jobs