If All You’re Doing Is Surviving…

Below is an example from my life about parenthood, but the principles to this story can be applied to all areas of life—work, school, volunteer, or whatever. If you're struggling as a parent, it's okay. We all are. Secondly, reach out for help—I do the same. We are that village that takes to raise all of our kids. It must be a popular statement, or else it simply sticks out in my mind because I've begun to notice it everywhere. Here's how the conversation usually goes: Friend: "How old are your kids again?"Me: "Their ages are..."Friend: "Oh wow. Yeah. You're just surviving. That's all you're doing right now." … Continue reading If All You’re Doing Is Surviving…

Reflections on Robinhood’s checking & savings fiasco

We in fintech often confuse Type 1 vs 2 decisions—reversible/not reversible. Robinhood reversed it, yes, but at high cost. As great as tech is, disrupting existing systems first requires wading through minutiae of regs + history. It’s truly amazing to be part of companies and watch other companies move fast and do incredible things. And … Continue reading Reflections on Robinhood’s checking & savings fiasco

Your Team’s Shields Are Down

A couple years ago I read an article called Shields Down describing how people don't quit the day they resign, they resigned their post a long time ago. It’s when they became vulnerable, when their shields went down that they were open to something new, something different—perhaps where the grass appeared greener. I was caught juxtaposing that … Continue reading Your Team’s Shields Are Down