Praying for humility

 Have you ever wished that you were more humble? I have. It’s not a pretty ending.

I have a friend who wish for humility and soon after he got his car totaled, lost some things, and more bad things happened. His wife was understandably pretty upset with him as she relayed the story to me, with him in the room!

I’ve been reading the book Antifragile and been thinking, “I should become more anti-fragile.“ Well, that’s pretty much like wishing or praying for humility. You get what you asked for but it’s not fun. 

You wish you could learn it from watching Netflix rather than experiencing it. Yet it’s that very hard lesson that teaches us so much that it sinks deep into our core. Many of our memories fade., These lessons stick. Cherish these bitter tasting events as they guide you. Be grateful you failed because it made you stronger. 

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