What does Support look like?

Continuing on our journey through Customer Service, we now move from the section on questions to wrestle through, over to the undergirding philosophy. I love this part. Aristotle, brilliant Greek philosopher from the 4th century B.C. Support will look like someone who is willing to lead, willing to bear the good and bad news, but ultimatelyContinue reading “What does Support look like?”

Why Do We Think We Can Teach About Support?

We are revolutionizing Support within FinTech. Our goal is not merely to build an outstanding product that truly serves advisors and their clients, but to serve by identifying and demonstrating true excellence in an area historically overwhelmed and under-resourced. I get joy of reading many messages of raving fans of ours. I don’t say thatContinue reading “Why Do We Think We Can Teach About Support?”

What is Support to You and Me?

In the briefest manner, support exists to help others find the path they need to take for the journey. Put in a more literal sense: achieve results they need. It is to help customers utilize the system for their desired outcome. But what happens when someone is looking for the wrong thing? I reckon it’sContinue reading “What is Support to You and Me?”

Customer Service — The Tome

I’ve spent a long time thinking, contemplating, writing, and re-writing my thoughts and beliefs on Customer Service, at least within a SaaS environment. I will spend the next number of weeks and months sharing my thoughts and considerations on the topic. Customer Service is a very deep, thoughtful topic. There are many pitfalls and joys,Continue reading “Customer Service — The Tome”

Disney Does Not Disappoint

I spent two days at Disneyland recently and since I’ve been an annual pass holder twice now (several years ago when I lived near the Mouse), I’m used to Disney and their very polished approach. But this recent January night I saw the fireworks display and the Paint the Sky (Disney Light Parade). I mustContinue reading “Disney Does Not Disappoint”