It’s the Insecurities That Make Us

It’s quite often that we don’t have enough, we are or feel behind, we were told “you’ll will never make it”, think that we aren’t strong or capable enough — it is these things that stall us. Can we stop listening to the naysayers and instead develop goals and plans to take the world head on? It is the insecurities that make us who we are. They mold us.

What are the stories that move us? Whether Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and society constantly pushing him to the side, to the fringes. He could have given up; would have been easier.

Or whether it’s fictional with Luke Skywalker constantly wrestling with whether he could “do it” after Yoda confronts him.

Or maybe someone told us, “you’ll never amount to much” because of poor grades, incapabilities, or what have you. The important thing is that in real life we can overcome. We do overcome.

These are the inspirations that lead us to greater depths. They stir us up. We are awakened.

Don’t forget your insecurities…they can hold you back. Or they can propel you forward.

Published by Jeff Beaumont

I love helping companies scale and grow their organizations to delight customers and employees, enabling healthy teams, fast growth, and fewer headaches. Scaling quickly is wrought with potholes and plot twists. When you’re running a company, losing customers, and employees are on their way out, and don’t have your systems running smoothly, then you’ll be at your wits' end. I've been there and hate it.

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