New Perspectives

A professor told the following story:

He’d been wearing this particular tie for many months — perhaps years — and one day he pulled out a different shirt, by necessity, put on his tie and headed out the door. When he got to the office he had not one, not two, but a number of people compliment the tie. Yes…this was the same tie that he’d been wearing for quite a while. The only difference is that he wore a different shirt.

That day he taught me a lesson: a new perspective can make all the difference to truly highlight a pre-existing truth.

It may be a tie; it may be a new website or book cover; or it may be the method I’ve been trying to communicate a particular idea to a teammate.

I learned many things from that professor, but one thing is that the concept may be perfect — it does not need to be changed — although it’s the perspective that may need to be replaced with a new shirt.

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