Back into the swing of things

It’s been quite a while since I’ve added anything here.

Much of that is because I felt like I had nothing worthy to share, to give out. There’s already plenty of noise out there, I told myself. I think the deeper reason is because I was afraid to open my mouth until I absolutely knew I had something valuable, something another person would say “Aha! Yes, you have proven your worth.” How wrong of me to wait — instead of just jumping out and hitting a couple bumps along the way. The irony, of course, is that now I have that sense that I “know stuff” about various subject matter, but even still I hope — and plan — to share and pose thoughts and reflections on topics on only have an inkling about.

When we can be open about our insecurities of admitting that we don’t know, we have made progress. That is one thing I feel the freedom from. May this only be the start.

This is my reentry. While I hope this is valuable for others, my goal is to learn much more myself.

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